Premier Precision Group

Precision Manufacturing Facility – Newport, NH

United Construction was hired by Premier Precision Group to secure land and build a new manufacturing facility for their Newport based RDS group. Precision Premiere Group is a contract manufacturer specializing in precision machining and fabrication of complex metal components, complimented by broad internal special processing capabilities.

The project involved working closely with corporate and local staff to build the new facility and help move their manufacturing operations from two smaller local facilities into the new building after it was completed. The new facility is over 36,000 sf including both manufacturing space and office space for their engineering staff.

The new building included: a substantial power distribution system, computer networking, compressed air systems, and machine mist collection systems. The buildings HVAC was designed to maintain strict temperature control due to the precision machining tolerances required for their product manufacturing. The building also features polished concrete floors and bright lighting for a clean modern appearance.

Our team was able to fast track permitting and construction in order to turn over the new building in just 8 months.

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