Community Bank

Claremont Savings Bank - Charlestown Road Branch

United Construction was hired in the Winter of 2015 to build the latest Branch location for Claremont Savings Bank on the Charlestown Road in Claremont, NH. The new Branch Office was built to replace the previous location on Maple Ave in Claremont. The new office is a state-of-the-art facility that uses technology to connect customers to the Main Branch via video conferencing.

The new facility is located in the same building as a new Dunkin Donuts franchise. Our contract included complete construction and fit-up of the interior space. The new facility was designed by DRL Architects and the NES Group located in Mansfield, MA.

The new building includes a conference room outfitted with video conferencing hardware and two new ATM’s that offer In-Branch Technology that further assist customers. These new ATM’s offer video conferencing as well so customers can speak with a customer service specialist at the main office.

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